About us

The Little Cloth Co. was born out of a desire to expand my creativity and create beautiful designs for my beautiful daughter. As a first time mommy, and DIY blogger, I had a creative outlet, but was getting burnt out by the pressures of keeping up with a posting schedule and always taking the perfect photo. From day one, I fell in love with accessorizing my little one in the cutest bows and headbands I could find. But I wanted something unique that was a reflection of my own style. That's when I realized I needed to combine my passions of creating and designing and start making my own.

When I started thinking about the type of designs I wanted to create, I pulled inspiration from vintage textiles. Decorating our first home together, I fell in love with the deep indigo blue of african mudcloth and the unique patterns of hmong batik. I thought for sure I would be able to find some baby gear using these materials, but much to my surprise there were none. That's when I knew I had to fill that gap and bring the beautiful patterns of these textiles into the baby market.

Original vintage textiles can be extremely pricey, and I wanted my designs to be affordable for every mama out there. I used my design skills to recreate some of these patterns in my own way, as well as sourcing others from around the world. They've all been turned into a modern jersey fabric, and are completely safe for your babe. So you can enjoy the beauty of these gorgeous designs, without having to worry about the price tag or where they came from.

Even though we're starting with headbands, I have big plans for the future and hope to expand into many other products. As a stay at home mama, I want to show my daughter the importance of working hard and making your dreams come true.